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You can't live a positive life with a negative mind <3 <3

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Anonymous asked: When I started following you you weren't an sjw blog.. Is there another more positive blog that you have or are they all drama starters?

I’m not an sjw. My other blog, butterfly-positivity, is all positive affirmations :)

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Anonymous asked: You call people ugly and you look like that!?! Lmao

I’m beautiful ^_^ and I didn’t call anyone ugly.

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Anonymous asked: I honestly think Iplemons is the person behind all that Freakstyle hate. She posted that confession a few months ago about losing weight and how fat acceptance is dangerous as are things that glorify it, IE Salome. She's almost always liking these nasty confessions on freak style, even the uncalled for nasty sick one that is insinuating that the freak style creator is ugly.




She might be, she might not.

I’m not going to say anything either way, seeing as how there is no real proof of this.

All I know is that despite what she’s said, Iplemons is clearly one of those that enjoys ‘fat-shaming’ despite the little facade she seems to hide behind. If you don’t fit her standards (ironically the ‘standards’ imposed on women by modern media), you’re a fat slob and should be ashamed. I’m all for maintaining a healthy weight, a healthy lifestyle. I’m trying to lose a bit of weight myself. But it seems that Iplemons and people like her have no idea what it means to actually be healthy. You have to be of a body type THEY find acceptable, of you are deserving of shame.

Sad part is, I was willing to simply let her ignorant bullshit slide, since she did say that she did not find shaming and ridicule to be acceptable. But if she actually agrees with and ‘likes’ those unnecessary and cruel confessions about Freakstyle (whether she wrote them or not), the fuck her. I’m glad I blocked her ass…

Yeah I’ve encountered her in the past. She thought I sent her anon hate and tagged me in her hateful response lol. I’m glad you blocked her. There’s a lot of awful people like her in tumblr. Don’t let there negativity and ignorance get to you. ♡♡

Oh trust me, I have encountered many of the awful cesspits within this site. I have no time for them. People like these merely act the way they do in order to feel superior, because they have deficiencies that they can only cope with by knocking others down. I would almost feel sorry for them; but I get a strange pleasure out of seeing the ugly under someone’s skin being exposed for all to see. There is something satisfying about seeing behaviors like these come back to bite the person in the ass.

(Random note: I see your name is Angela? THAT’S MY NAME TOO XDDDD)

Exactly! I completely agree! And that’s so cool!! Hi Angela! Lol

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I hate those blogs that claim to “help people” but they just go around looking for fights and thrive on making fun of people.

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Anonymous asked: you're an asshole and you need to at least consider killing yourself. you've had depression before--hopefully it'll come back and you'll end up dead, since you're an awful human being.


Hello there, Basic Fat Activist. I know what considering suicide is like, and it’s not for me. I appreciate your concern, however I’m enjoying life and my continuing progress, so you don’t have to worry about my mental well-being. 

You sound very bitter and resentful. And please, do not think this response is me trying to sound “better” than you… I believe in everyone. I don’t know you but I sincerely care for you. You can improve your life, your health, your outlook. If you need help taking the first step, feel free to contact me. 

Also, I’m known to have a dark sense of humor but don’t think suicide jokes are humorous at all. If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please contact 1-800-273-TALK  or visit suicidepreventionlifeline.org - they also have live chat. I don’t necessarily subscribe to the “it gets better” philosophy because I believe YOU get better. The world is full of bad things and bad people - we can’t always change that but we have the ability to change ourselves. And that kind of change is known to be contagious. 

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Anonymous asked: As a nurse, what do you think of the Fat Acceptance movement? It sounds good to me as a fat girl but I admit I'm no health expert. Some medical people are for it, some against, you're a cool dude who knows medicine so I wondered what you thought.


It sounds good to me too.  (Although I am biased, as I am a cool fat dude who knows medicine.) 

Honestly, I don’t even want to bring medical science into it, because I feel like when you do that, you open yourself up to the belief that if anyone can prove that being fat has any negative health effects, then it’s okay to go “MOOOO” at fat people in the street.

When… no.  The health effects of being fat are actually pretty mixed, but I don’t even care.  Fat people’s right to peaceful existence should not depend on the data being in their favor. The whole thing is just a cover for enforcing standards of social status, beauty, and Correct Female Behavior that have nothing to do with health anyway.

Is being fat healthy?  In some ways, but not in others, and anyway measuring people’s lives on a scale of “healthy” to “unhealthy” is terribly imprecise and unhelpful.  Is being fat okay? Yes.

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Anonymous asked: Hey- not everyone who is anti-fat acceptance movement is cruel and judgmental. I am not exactly pro- that movement because a lot of the movement promotes unhealthiness and is very hypocritical, and backwards. That is just my opinion. But I do not feel the need to insult and degrade anyone based on their weight. Not everyone that is pro-healthy lifestyle is hateful. And no matter what you are a lovely person. Don't let someone ruin your self esteem.


Thank you so much. I understand your point of view. I’m very glad that you haven’t turned to hatefulness to get your message across like some people.